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Serious Brain Related Personal Injuries Can Occur from Slipping on Ice and Snow

We know that this is the season for ice and snow in our region, and of course it is a nuisance to have to continually clean off the sidewalk areas after a major or even a minor storm. But has anyone stopped to consider the dangers of slipping on ice on an uncleared sidewalk? You can fall backwards and suffer a serious injury. When you slip and fall backwards unexpectedly, you can be taken off guard. In that time, you will be likely to become seriously injured, and succumb to a traumatic brain injury or TBI. This type of injury is serious indeed, because it can cause permanent damage to your brain…..

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Dog Bites Can Cause Serious Skin Infections or Even Result in Amputations

There are instances where a simple dog bite can cause a serious enough skin infection, that the person has to have a limb amputated. How can a dog bite result in such drastic measures? Well, a dog bite is never simple, because the dog’s saliva might contain microorganisms that are filled with highly infectious bacteria. These bacteria are Pasteurella and Bacteroides, which are found in common dog bites. An infection that has a deeply toxic bacteria in it will prevent the infection site from healing…..

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Your Personal Injuries from a Slip and Fall in a Shopping Mall

People are going to shopping malls more now, as they want to get out of the house after pandemic restrictions. Although there are options to buy merchandise and products online, many shoppers still prefer to go to a store and touch and feel the purchases first. But the malls are at lowered personnel and operating at skeleton staffing, because of the lowered participation in the public visiting them in the last few years. This means that the shopping malls are not as maintained as they used to be, and there will be more hazards for you to be injured by as a result.

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Getting Money for Personal Injuries and Missed Work with a Lawsuit

If you have been injured in an accident and experienced personal injuries, it is difficult to recover from that. You will need time to heal from your loss, and may not have considered initiating a lawsuit. But you should consider starting a claim legally, to get the money back that you need to recover completely. This is especially true when you have had a serious personal injury as the result of an accident. If there is an at fault party, such as with a car accident that was not your fault, you will still need to go through the process to recover fully from the loss, before you can get back to normal. In the meantime, you may have medical bills and expenses that will start to pile up, and that need to be paid.

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Slip and Fall Hazards in a New Jersey Bar

Many people go out for a night on the town, and never realize that they can be injured seriously for trying to have a good time. You can have a personal injury when you fall in a bar, because of a slippery floor or from someone spilling a drink and you slip unawares on the flooring. The owners and managers of the bar are tasked with checking the floor, bar areas and outside areas for safety hazards, obstacles and violations to keep the area safe for the patrons.

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E-Cigarette and Vaping Product Fires, Explosions and Electronic Burns

The vaping craze is in full swing, with many new people trying vaping just to see what it is like. Other people are using vaping to stop smoking, but have no idea that the vaping products often and usually contain more nicotine than a regular cigarette. There is a myth that a vaping e-cigarette is less dangerous than smoking a full-bodied cigarette. But in fact, vaping products cause explosions, fires and electronic burns.

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Slip and Falls Can Result from Carelessness at an Eatery

Slip and Falls Can Result from Carelessness at an Eatery People often wonder how someone could slip and fall at

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Is There Loss of Consortium Related to a New Jersey Car Accident?

Is There Loss of Consortium Related to a New Jersey Car Accident? Yes, there can be a case for loss

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A Car Hit Me While I Was Jogging, What Happens Next?

A Car Hit Me While I Was Jogging, What Happens Next? After last year and the pandemic crisis, many people

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A 16-Year-Old Driver Hit My Car, Who Will Pay For These Damages?

A 16-Year-Old Driver Hit My Car, Who Will Pay For These Damages? Summer isn’t quite over yet, and it seems

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What Is a Loss of Consortium and How Do I Get Compensation for It?

Loss of consortium is a claim that is made by a spouse, when the other spouse is injured in an accident and cannot continue sexual relations in the marriage. It is based on the wrongful conduct of one party to another, and is put into use when one spouse is feeling the effects of pain and suffering, and the marriage is affected.

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Are Young Male Drivers Really More Dangerous on the Roads?

There is a myth that teenage boys are the most dangerous drivers on the roads today. Well, the myth is a fact, because the fatal rates of car accidents for drivers 16-19 years old is almost three times the rate for drivers who are 20 years old and older. Two decades ago, all of the states had restrictions on new young male drivers. But today, young drivers are permitted to be out at all hours of the night, which prevent interventions that used to be aimed to keep them a safer demographic on the road.

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My Rideshare Driver Hit a Car and Ran, Do I Turn Him in?

Rideshare companies such as Lyft or Uber are all over the country, taking passengers where they need to go for an affordable price. These drivers are not screened as carefully as a taxi driver might have been, and some go “rogue” when it comes to obeying traffic laws.

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A Sleepy Truck Driver Hit My Car, Now What?

Truck driver’s drive on long haul runs across the country and this makes them susceptible to falling asleep at the wheel. What this means is that a sleepy (or asleep) truck driver at the wheel is in or out of control of a very dangerous heavy vehicle. A truck that has a driver who has fallen asleep can be a lethal machine on the highways and roads of this country.

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A Car Hit My Motorcycle, Who Pays My Medical Bills?

As the weather warms up outside, many more motorcyclists will be out on the open roads and byways. It is important for everyone to be aware of everyone else on the roads, but that is not always the case. Many New Jersey motorcycle-related accidents occur this time of the year in the United States. There can be major injuries reported when a car collides with a person on a motorcycle.

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I Have a Weapons Offense Charge, What Do I Do Now?

Generally speaking, a weapons offense is a violation of the laws that control who can and cannot own and operate deadly weapons. Depending on your situation and whether you have a criminal record or not, it can be a serious charge to have possessed a weapon unlawfully in the State of New Jersey.

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How Dangerous Is It To Pass Trucks On Their Blind Spot?

Truck drivers share the road with every other driver. Oftentimes, there are notices on the back of the big rigs that warn drivers not to pass the trucks in their blind spots. But just how dangerous is it to pass a truck in the blind spot, and why would this result in an accident?

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Recovery from Construction Accidents with Explosions

Construction sites and construction venues are inherently dangerous. There are major rules, procedures and protocols when a person is working on a construction site. These rules are all meant to preserve the safety of all workers at the site, and must be followed at all times. There are times that you can suffer an injury at a construction site because of the use of explosives at the construction venue.

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I Was Injured in a Rideshare– Who Pays for my Injuries?

Rideshare companies provide a service today that assists us in getting from Point A to Point B and beyond, for a reasonable price and usually on time. If you have been injured in a rideshare vehicle, it is not unusual for you to wonder what to do next, based on the structure and setup of the rideshare agreement. It’s confusing!

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A Neighbor’s Child Fell Out of Our Backyard Treehouse, Who Is Responsible for the Injury?

If you have a child’s treehouse structure erected in your backyard, it no doubt allows for hours and hours of playtime for your children. But it is also a major hazard for anyone using the structure, because young children can fall out of treehouses and sustain injuries. In general, no matter how sturdy or safe your treehouse is constructed, there is a likelihood that the treehouse structure is exempt from coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

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