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New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer

There are millions of dog bites every year and many of them take place in New Jersey homes, parks and other public spaces. Sudden and intense, dog bites can be a single deep bite or an aggressive minutes long attack on a victim. Not only can these types of encounters cause a deep physical and emotional impact, but they can also be extremely costly for a victim when dealing with mounting medical bills and missed work. A dog bite personal injury lawsuit can help victims financially recover following their accident. When you are ready to learn more and get started, we are ready to help. At Sarofiem & Antoun LLC we know how stressful the time following a dog bite can be and are here to take the financial stress off your shoulders so you can focus on what is most important- your recovery.

New Jersey Strict Liability & Negligence Dog Bite Laws

Each state is different when it comes to handling owner liability for dog bites. The state of New Jersey takes a strict liability approach to these types of personal injuries although negligence-based dog bite lawsuits can also be filed. What this strict liability standard means is that even if a dog has never bit anyone or showed aggressive behavior in the past, the dog owner is still liable for any injuries caused by the dog bite. Under N.J.S.A 4:19-6, dog bite victims must show the following elements:

  • Dog ownership—proof who the rightful owner of the dog aggressor is
  • A dog bite on the victim—proof that the owners’ dog bit the victim
  • That the bite took place in a public place or when the victim was legally on the owners’ property—one of the only defenses that works in only a specific instance (when there is criminal intent) is when the dog bite victim was trespassing.

Common Dog Bite Injuries

The sudden aggressive attack of a dog can change a victim’s life. Some of the most common dog bite injuries include:

  • Deep puncture wounds: Dog teeth are sharper than human teeth and when a dog bites down with force into human skin, the puncture wounds require professional medical attention and take time to heal.
  • Disfigurement and scarring: Depending on the nature of the attack and breed of dog, disfigurement and scarring can occur in a dog bite victim. This is especially true when the victim is young or elderly and has much more delicate skin.
  • Broken bones: While not as common, broken bones can occur during a dog attack when a victim is knocked down by the force of the dog and breaks an arm or tailbone.
  • Nerve Damage: The depth and location of a dog bite can cause lasting nerve damage that can negatively impact the victim’s ability to do many things, including work

How Much is Your Dog Bite Case Worth?

Before embarking on any personal injury lawsuit and hiring a lawyer, a lot of accident victims want to get an idea of how much their case is worth. The truth is—there is no such thing as an accurate online personal injury calculator and if you have injuries that resulted in medical bills or missed work then it is always something worth pursuing. We take all our dog bite and personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis because we know that your injuries have already set you back—you don’t pay us a penny until we get you paid!

Determining the worth of your dog bite case depends on the specifics of your attack and the nature and scope of your injuries. Some of the factors to consider include:

  • Cost of your medical bills
  • Ongoing medical needs
  • Missed work
  • Disfigurement and scarring impact
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability
  • Other factors that can increase the value of a case: Children victims, dangerous breeds, history of violence in the dog

New Jersey Dog Bite Lawyer

When looking for a New Jersey dog bite lawyer, you want a team that treats you like a priority and works hard to maximize your financial recovery following your traumatic attack. Sarofiem & Antoun LLC is the dog bite law firm you want on your side. When you hire us you can feel the peace of mind in knowing that we are working hard for you, always available to answer questions and won’t stop until we get you the most money possible. We are available 24/7 via phone or text so get in touch with us now- (201) 792-3333.

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