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New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyer

The biggest vehicle on the road, truck accidents are some of the most dangerous types of accidents to get into. The average passenger car weighs a mere 4% of the weight of an 18 wheeler truck and the impact of that weight differential can be tremendous when there is a collision. As New Jersey truck accident lawyers, we know how to handle these specific types of personal injury cases to make sure you get the maximum payout for the devastation this accident has had on your life. Interested in learning more? Schedule your free consultation with Sarofiem & Antoun LLC today to get your questions answered and learn more about how we can help.

New Jersey Truck Accidents

While defensive driving allows many cars and motorcycles to regularly avoid accidents, it is not as easy for large trucks for these reasons:

  • Increased stopping distance needs: While a car can slam on their brakes and stop quickly, it is not that simple for a large truck, especially one that is fully loaded. On average, trucks need three times more space to come to a complete stop than a car does which is often too much time needed to react and avoid an accident. And because so many truck accidents occur on fast-moving highways, this increases the stopping speed needs as well as the serious accident potential.
  • Height and weight distribution: Higher and wider, trucks are much more likely to roll over and cause this specific type of accident which often results in death or life-changing injuries.
  • Blind spots: Multiple blind spots in multiple places around a truck mean that a lot of accidents that would be avoided by cars are the result of a truck not being able to see the accident victim. A simple lane change can turn deadly all because the truck blind spot made it impossible for the driver to see what it was about to hit.

Since trucks are driven by one person but owned by another, who is financially responsible for the injuries or death caused by the truck crash? While the driver was the one that caused the actual accident, the employer (truck owner) is who we usually seek to hold responsible for one very simple reason- they can pay into the millions for the damage the accident has caused. In some instances, we can hold multiple parties responsible for the accident.

Trucking companies carry huge insurance policies to cover things like accidents (that are bound to happen) and while these cases are often hard fought or begin with super lowball offers by the trucking company, an experienced New Jersey truck accident lawyer can help present the best case possible. Some of the things that you can financially recover in a winning truck accident case include:

  • Medical bills: For many, the medical bills will continue for the rest of their life following a truck accident and so too should the funds to cover these high bills. A single trip to local emergency room can cost upwards of $10,000 so you can see how truck accident medical costs mount of very quickly.
  • Missed work: Missed work and an inability to work are all calculated to come up with a figure that reflects the professional impact the accident has on the victims’ career.
  • Disability: Whether the disability is temporary or permanent, any well-rounded settlement will include this important point, if relevant.
  • Pain and suffering: The emotional impact of a truck accident can be tremendous and it is accounted for in this portion of the settlement. Whether it is PTSD or a loss of enjoyment of life or sexual partnership, the pain and suffering compensation is intended to help reflect the total impact the accident has had on one’s life.
  • Expenses around death: if the truck accident resulted in a death, then everything from funeral and burial expenses can be recovered in the settlement.

While dealing with the legal aspect of your truck accident may be the last thing you want to do, hiring us is simple and straightforward and will ensure that you don’t miss your opportunity to financially recover. In New Jersey, the statute of limitations (aka how long you have to file your case) is two years and not a deadline you want to delay on.

New Jersey Truck Accident Lawyers

Compassionate and always available to current and potential clients, the talented team of lawyers at Sarofiem & Antoun LLC are available 24/7 via phone or text to help. Truck accident cases can be maximized when handled correctly and we want to make sure you are fairly compensated for the total impact the accident has had on your life. We are ready to get started when you are—get in touch with us at (201) 792-3333 today.

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