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How Dangerous Is It To Pass Trucks On Their Blind Spot?

Truck drivers share the road with every other driver. Oftentimes, there are notices on the back of the big rigs that warn drivers not to pass the trucks in their blind spots. But just how dangerous is it to pass a truck in the blind spot, and why would this result in an accident?

Drivers who drive commercial vehicles for a living are very familiar with the blind spots that are particular and specific to their vehicles. Generally, a driver who makes a living in a commercial vehicle is trained and has to get a license to drive a big rig, passing testing to ensure the person is ready to handle these types of oversized trucks on the road.

A commercial vehicle driver, or truck driver, has blinds spots all around the four points of the vehicle. When passing a truck driver, always pass on the left side. In the front of the vehicle, the driver is able to see 20 feet ahead of the truck in perfect weather. But on the left, right and rear sides of a commercial truck, there are blind spots.

Rule of Thumb When Passing Trucks

There is a very easy rule of thumb to recall when passing a trucks on the New Jersey roadways. If you can see the driver in his/her mirror, then he or she can also see you. It is that simple. If you are passing a truck on the left side, that person is driving with a driver’s seat on the left, and is able to see you as you pass at most of the time during the passing of the truck on the road. If you pass a truck driver of a commercial vehicle on the right side, that person may not see you coming up on the right side of that truck. By passing on the left side, it makes it safer for you and the other drivers on the road to pass a commercial vehicle.

Blind Spots Cause Serious Accidents

If a smaller vehicle on the road decides to pass a commercial vehicle on either the right or left side, and the truck is unaware the driver of the car aims to pass, the truck may move into the lane of the auto and prompt an accident. If you are planning to pass a truck, stay back far enough and long enough to let the driver see that you are signaling to get into the left lane to pass. Once in that lane, it may be appropriate for you to speed up and then get ahead of the truck, staying in your passing lane.

If you have an accident with a truck driver, because of the weight of the truck to car ratio, the accident has a likelihood of being a serious accident, resulting in severe or even life-threatening injuries. Some of these injuries can be permanent, disabling and crushing injuries that will result in death. Sometimes the truck driver is to blame, when he or she has not had enough sleep, is inexperienced or is unfamiliar with the roads or the truck being driven. You will want to discuss your case with an experienced attorney, to get the recovery that you need to pay for your damages and losses in this type of accident scenario.

If you are injured as the result of an accident with a truck driver, you need to give us a call at (201) 792–3333. We are here for you to go over your case and discuss your next steps to getting the recovery compensation that you deserve.

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