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Slip and Fall Hazards in a New Jersey Bar

Many people go out for a night on the town, and never realize that they can be injured seriously for trying to have a good time. You can have a personal injury when you fall in a bar, because of a slippery floor or from someone spilling a drink and you slip unawares on the flooring. The owners and managers of the bar are tasked with checking the floor, bar areas and outside areas for safety hazards, obstacles and violations to keep the area safe for the patrons. If you fall down on a slippery bar floor, the hazard may be caused by another customer, but it is the fault of the owner or bar manager that the slippery conditions were still made to stand without their notice to clean it up.

Poor Lighting Can Cause Hazards in a Bar

Of course, bar nights are fun because you can go out and sit in the dimly lit bar, enjoying conversations and a drink with high levels of ambiance. But that ambiance comes at a high price, when you are suffering a personal injury from not seeing a hazard on the flooring. The chairs, bar stools, cloth napkins, tables, cutlery, glassware and drinks are all potential hazards that can end up on the floor of a bar, just waiting for you to slip on it. For this reason, bar owners and managers need to ensure that their lighting scheme is not too dark, to mask real hazards, and to allow their customers to have near blind conditions while enjoying themselves in the bar areas. If the lighting is too low, there will inevitably be a slip and fall accident waiting to happen, which will be the sole responsibility of the managers and bar owners to correct.

Crowd Control Needs to be On Point in a Bar to Prevent Hazards

Any time that the bar owner or manager allows the bar areas to become overcrowded, there will be a falling hazard next up on the menu. When the bar area is overrun with too many patrons, the sloshing of drinks, spilling of food, stepping on each other’s toes and unclean flooring areas will be a ripe region for people to start slipping and falling. The managers and owners of a bar need to keep a close eye on the number of patrons who are gathering in front of the bar areas, especially when there are concerts or live music events in the bar region. People can slip and fall, tumble into other patrons and experience serious personal injuries as a result of falling in overcrowded conditions in a bar.

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