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Determining Liability for Your NJ Slip and Fall Injury

Slip, trip, or fall accidents can take place anywhere, such as the local grocery store, neighbor’s patio, or public buildings. But who is responsible if you fall and suffer a serious injury? Determining premise liability depends on the place where you fell; and the liability owed by property owners for a slip and fall accident in New Jersey depends on the type of property.

A Neighbor’s Child Fell Out of Our Backyard Treehouse, Who Is Responsible for the Injury?

If you have a child’s treehouse structure erected in your backyard, it no doubt allows for hours and hours of playtime for your children. But it is also a major hazard for anyone using the structure, because young children can fall out of treehouses and sustain injuries. In general, no matter how sturdy or safe your treehouse is constructed, there is a likelihood that the treehouse structure is exempt from coverage on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Slip and Falls Can Result from Carelessness at an Eatery

Slip and Falls Can Result from Carelessness at an Eatery People often wonder how someone could slip and fall at

Slip and Fall Hazards in a New Jersey Bar

Many people go out for a night on the town, and never realize that they can be injured seriously for trying to have a good time. You can have a personal injury when you fall in a bar, because of a slippery floor or from someone spilling a drink and you slip unawares on the flooring. The owners and managers of the bar are tasked with checking the floor, bar areas and outside areas for safety hazards, obstacles and violations to keep the area safe for the patrons.

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