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Dog Bites Can Cause Serious Skin Infections or Even Result in Amputations

There are instances where a simple dog bite can cause a serious enough skin infection, that the person has to have a limb amputated. How can a dog bite result in such drastic measures? Well, a dog bite is never simple, because the dog’s saliva might contain microorganisms that are filled with highly infectious bacteria. These bacteria are Pasteurella and Bacteroides, which are found in common dog bites. An infection that has a deeply toxic bacteria in it will prevent the infection site from healing. In that case, gangrene can set in and it may be impossible to save the limb. If the dog bite has occurred on your foot, leg, hand or arm, you could be facing an amputation as a result of this dog bite. Therefore, personal injuries from dog bite incidents need to be taken seriously at all times, because you never know how this will heal in the end.

If a person has a dog bite on the face, the result may be painful lesions, infections and many plastic surgeries to be scheduled in the future to help heal the wounds. Children especially are susceptible to dog bites on the face, as they are typically standing lower to the ground at eye level to a vicious dog, and will be bitten in the face quite easily. For adults, if the person is attacked by a dog and is pushed over, then the dog is able to bite a face or go for the neck of the person to deliver a fatal blow. People can die from a dog bite to the neck, especially when the carotid arteries are involved in the dog bite.

Dog bite wounds are not just a one-off type of wound either, they are often complex wounds that can include various areas of the body in the one attack. For example, if a person is bitten in the abdomen, there may be internal organs damaged by the dog bite, and it can result in an infection in those areas that are hard to heal and may be fatal. Puncture wounds in areas that are previously sites of surgical procedures may also be difficult to heal and highly susceptible to infection or complications as well. If someone is bitten in an oral cavity, there may be teeth lost, gum tissue damage or a tongue lacerated during the dog bite attack to the mouth of an individual.

The physical damage that one incurs after a vicious dog bite is nothing to speak of, when compared to the emotional trauma that is endured because of an attack from a dog. People can have heart attacks after a dog bite, or experience emotional trauma including PTSD because of being frightened and bitten unexpectedly by a dog.

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