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Serious Brain Related Personal Injuries Can Occur from Slipping on Ice and Snow

We know that this is the season for ice and snow in our region, and of course it is a nuisance to have to continually clean off the sidewalk areas after a major or even a minor storm. But has anyone stopped to consider the dangers of slipping on ice on an uncleared sidewalk? You can fall backwards and suffer a serious injury. When you slip and fall backwards unexpectedly, you can be taken off guard. In that time, you will be likely to become seriously injured, and succumb to a traumatic brain injury or TBI. This type of injury is serious indeed, because it can cause permanent damage to your brain, making you dependent on the care of others, which will result in a change to your life completely.

If you walk on a sidewalk that was not cleared down to the pavement, there may be black ice underneath the snow. In that case, if any pedestrians are walking on the sidewalk and slip on that ice, there will be serious injuries to the head that might occur. If an individual falls backwards during the accident, there is literally no way to break the fall, and a TBI can happen.

The symptoms of a TBI can include the following:

  • Unusual changes in mood
  • Feeling confused
  • Being sad for no reason
  • Having a feeling of walking in mud or slow motion
  • Noticing a new type of pressure on the head
  • Vomiting for no reason
  • Feeling nauseated at odd times
  • Noticing blurred or double vision
  • Being clumsy when otherwise coordinated
  • Having memory loss
  • Feeling overly sensitive to sounds or bright lights

The TBI may also be associated with other more serious conditions as well. Unfortunately, the TBI often does not occur on its own, but is accompanied by other conditions that can be serious in nature after a fall on ice and snow. For example, if you fall on ice, you can hit your head sustaining a laceration to the head, hemorrhaging inside the skull and a skull fracture. That skull fracture on further review can also include injuries to the optic nerve and its delicate pathways, affect intracranial bones and have an open wound to the head that might later become infected.

It can also happen that you fall on ice and snow, and have unspecified injuries to your head, that become related to a concussion, or even turn into a coma incident which can be life-threatening as well as life-altering in a detrimental way. You may be therefore unable to go back to work, and will miss time away from your job. If the damage to your brain is permanent, you may have a permanent disability that you may never fully recover from going forward.

If this has happened to you and you have suffered a TBI from falling on ice and snow, just call Sarofiem & Antoun at (201) 792–3333. We are able to talk to you about your case, and can explain the next steps to receiving a full recovery compensation package for your case.

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