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Slip and Falls Can Result from Carelessness at an Eatery

People often wonder how someone could slip and fall at an eatery or restaurant, but it is very easy to have this type of accident. When the owner of the restaurant establishment does not patrol the cleanliness of the floors throughout the day when the eatery is open, there can be the chance to have customers slip and fall on the floor.

If a person slips and falls on a floor, there can be serious injuries. Sometimes people assume that if you fall indoors, that it is not a very serious injury. But the truth runs to the contrary, because falling indoors is as dangerous as falling outside. When you walk and encounter slippery flooring, or flooring that promotes a fall, you are still going to go down hard on a non-forgiving surface. Most restaurants will have a wooden, tile or otherwise hardscape floor.

If you slip while walking at an eatery, your feet will pull out from under you, causing you to fall in a few different ways. You will either fall forwards, backwards or to the side. If you fall forwards, you risk injuring your face, arms, knees and legs and head. Any fall backwards is dangerous, because you cannot brace yourself, and have a higher risk of hitting your head on the hard surface of the floor. In that case, you can suffer a concussion, traumatic brain injury, serious neck or back injury. If you slip sideways and your legs give away, you can tear ligaments in your legs or break a hip. These are all serious injuries that depending on your age, may take weeks to months to heal properly.

You may be wondering how can it be that a restaurant does not know that their flooring has a slippery condition on it? Well, it is the responsibility of the manager of the restaurant to continually look at the flooring of the establishment to ensure that it is safe for the staff and the customers at the eatery. If there are slippery surfaces because of spilled water, food, condiments, food scraps, grease or suds from the dishwashing, this all needs to be cleaned up immediately to prevent injuries from anyone walking in the area. The entry and exit of the kitchen area need to be clean at all times to prevent slipping accidents, and the entry of the restaurant from the outside weather conditions needs to be kept clean and dry.

If there are runners and carpets anywhere that are loose, they need to be secured to prevent tripping hazards for the customers. Any uneven spots in the flooring, or step downs into private rooms or bar areas need to be carefully monitored, designated and clearly marked if there is a different floor grading that is walked over. The managers and assistant managers need to keep a continual eye on flooring, as well as tend to customer satisfaction while they are the restaurant enjoying their time dining at the eatery.

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