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3 Incorrect Assumptions Motorcyclists Make After an Accident

Despite criticism from those who have never been on a motorcycle, motorcycle riders are generally careful and courteous on the road. Even exercising this caution, many innocent motorcyclists find themselves in accidents due to negligence of motorists.

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Determining Liability for Your NJ Slip and Fall Injury

Slip, trip, or fall accidents can take place anywhere, such as the local grocery store, neighbor’s patio, or public buildings. But who is responsible if you fall and suffer a serious injury? Determining premise liability depends on the place where you fell; and the liability owed by property owners for a slip and fall accident in New Jersey depends on the type of property.

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What Does Contingency Fee Mean?

Like most New Jersey personal injury law firms, we take on all our personal injury clients on a contingency fee arrangement, but there can be a lot of confusion about what this legal payment structure means and whether you end up paying more than you thought at the end of your case. When you hire us as your New Jersey personal injury lawyers, you don’t pay us unless we win, and our fees are fair, and our service is outstanding.

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Top 3 Things You Should Know About Whiplash Injuries

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries people suffer following a car or truck accident in New Jersey. But many victims don’t realize just how varied this soft tissue injury can be and often ignore important signs and symptoms. Generally speaking, whiplash occurs when a sudden impact causes your head to overly and unnaturally extend forward and back, straining the muscles and tendons.

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4 Biggest Mistakes That Could Hurt Your Personal Injury Claim

Recovering for personal injuries from an accident in New Jersey is often a complicated process that takes time and involves investigation, negotiation, and even litigation. Understandably, innocent injury victims mistakenly believe the responsible party’s insurer will pay their damage. However, an average individual doesn’t have the knowledge or persistence to battle and insurance company and win. Many victims after the fact wish they did things differently to help their claim.

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4 Ways Speeding Causes Car Accidents and Injuries

Even the most cautious drivers have moments where they end up disregarding the posted speed limit. Whether it happens just for a few seconds on the New Jersey Turn pike because a driver inadvertently sped up, for a few minutes while someone hurries to get to work on time after oversleeping, or on a daily basis as a habit, speeding is illegal and dangerous. This negligent behavior contributes not only to car accidents, but the resulting injuries and fatalities. Here are the reasons speeding is so risky, and why it’s important to obey posted speed limits and avoid driving faster than New Jersey’s prima facie speed limits.

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6 Sneaky Tactics Insurance Companies Use to Devalue and Deny Personal Injury Claims

Most people believe their insurance company has their best interests at heart and will treat them fairly if they’re hurt in an accident. After all, drivers and others in the State of New Jersey pay hefty sums to comply with state law mandating they carry insurance at all times. Unfortunately, however, this isn’t the case; insurers are for-profit companies that care about their bottom line – a bottom line that gets bigger the less money they pay for injury victims’ claims. To achieve their goal there are several sneaky, manipulative tactics they often use against victims like you.

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Eight Common Causes of New Jersey Car Accidents

Nobody expects to get involved in a car wreck; that’s why they’re called “accidents.” Even though drivers don’t intend for a car accident to happen, the reality is that usually bad driving behavior by at least one motorist was to blame for most of New Jersey’s 278,413 annual collisions. Some behaviors are more common than others, so it’s important to avoid them yourself and be on the lookout for other drivers exhibiting them.

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