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I Have a Weapons Offense Charge, What Do I Do Now?

Generally speaking, a weapons offense is a violation of the laws that control who can and cannot own and operate deadly weapons. Depending on your situation and whether you have a criminal record or not, it can be a serious charge to have possessed a weapon unlawfully in the State of New Jersey.

Are Young Male Drivers Really More Dangerous on the Roads?

There is a myth that teenage boys are the most dangerous drivers on the roads today. Well, the myth is a fact, because the fatal rates of car accidents for drivers 16-19 years old is almost three times the rate for drivers who are 20 years old and older. Two decades ago, all of the states had restrictions on new young male drivers. But today, young drivers are permitted to be out at all hours of the night, which prevent interventions that used to be aimed to keep them a safer demographic on the road.

What Is a Loss of Consortium and How Do I Get Compensation for It?

Loss of consortium is a claim that is made by a spouse, when the other spouse is injured in an accident and cannot continue sexual relations in the marriage. It is based on the wrongful conduct of one party to another, and is put into use when one spouse is feeling the effects of pain and suffering, and the marriage is affected.

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